How to deal with the common problems of sanding machines
- 2018-09-19-

Problems such as failure of the sander during use are inevitable. If it is not handled properly, it may cause serious damage to the sander or scrap of the sander . Therefore, the sander user is very important to deal with the common faults of the sander itself or the accurate judgment of the sander fault.

Most common faults of sanders are not serious, but failure to do proper treatment will cause major failures, affecting production and business benefits. Let the sander use the company to suffer unnecessary losses.

There are not many common faults in sanding machines. The main performances are belt belt deviation, limit position failure, belt breakage, plate deviation, active belt slippage, and abnormal vibration of the main bearing housing. Let us analyze and analyze these kinds of problems.

  1. The main bearing of the sander is abnormally shaken. This situation generally shows that the main bearing housing vibration is too large, much more severe than usual. The operator can accumulate experience through the observations on weekdays to make accurate judgments. When the main bearing of the sanding machine is shaken too much, it is generally caused by two reasons - the bearing is broken or friction occurs. In one case, the bearing needs to be replaced. In the second case, it needs to be removed and inspected and repaired according to the situation.

2. Sanding machine into the plate to run the sanding machine into the board to run off the skid, etc. In the sander adjustment, the upper back pressure spring is required to be adjusted to two-thirds of the position, the upper output and the lower output should be spaced apart. The slab is less than 1.5mm. Otherwise, it will cause the slab to run off and slip. In severe cases, it may especially hurt the operator and other personnel. It is a symptom that should be taken seriously.

3. Sanding machine belt is abnormal. Common conditions include wrinkling of the belt, breakage of the belt, and deviation of the belt. The deviation of the belt is generally caused by improper adjustment. If the situation is abnormal, the phenomenon of deviation may occur over a long period of time, which may cause damage to the photoelectric switch and electromagnetic valve for a long time.

There are several possibilities for sanding the sanding belt of the sanding machine: the abrasion of the sanding roller and the tensioning roller, the grinding and the repairing roller; the sanding belt is soft and wrinkled, and can be treated by drying and drying; sanding The machine does not use the surface of the sanding roller for a long time to rust and rough, and the sanding belt is difficult to oscillate. At this time, the roller should be rusted or polished with fine sandpaper.