Curved sander manufacturer

Curved sander manufacturer

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WH-S125 curved pipe sander

WH-S125 curved pipe sanding machine , which is suitable for surface sanding of straight pipe, curved round pipe, elliptical flat pipe, etc. It has the advantages of stable mechanical performance, safety and practicality, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

First, the scope of use and characteristics:

This machine is suitable for the straight surface of straight pipe with diameter less than 50mm, curved round pipe (R50mm), conical pipe and elliptical flat pipe.

The utility model is characterized in that: a large rotary disk drives two sets of abrasive belts to rotate, the workpiece passes through the center of the turntable, and the abrasive belt sands the surface around the workpiece.

Second, the main technical parameters

Dimensions: 800 × 600 × 900mm

Equipment weight: 500kg
Motor power: motor 2.2kw reducer 0.75kw

Applicable consumables: abrasive belt nylon belt

Consumables specifications: Abrasive belt: Length: 970mm Width: 25mm

Nylon belt: length: 965mm width: 25mm