Small disc automatic polishing machine

Small disc automatic polishing machine

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WH XYP4S four-head small disc automatic polishing machine

When working, the operator must stand on the side of the grinding direction of the thousand impellers to prevent the thousand impellers from falling off and hurting people; when working, the workpiece stops moving forward under the action of the guide wheels. It is strictly prohibited to push the workpiece directly by hand; when observing the workpiece, it must be stopped first. , and then observe the workpiece; when the workpiece needs to be repeatedly polished, the knife must be retracted to make the workpiece out of the thousand impeller without touching the rubber wheel, and the workpiece and the limit device are gently pushed to the starting position; when cleaning and polishing the dirt, it must be used exclusively. Tools, polishing and accumulation of excessive dirt during processing, should be stopped in time to clean up, it is strictly prohibited to clean and polish the dirt in the machine work. To buy a disc machine , come to our company to buy, quality assurance, service first.