Drum polishing machine manufacturer

Drum polishing machine manufacturer

Product Details

The main structure

1 : Body part: used to support the polishing wheel set, fixture and main motor installation.

2 : Wheel part: The grinding wheel shaft is driven by the motor, the hemp wheel or cloth wheel is installed at the shaft end, and the thousand impeller and nylon wheel can also be installed. It is also possible to cast a bead on the hemp wheel or the cloth wheel.

3 : Adjustment part: The intermediate screw of the plane polishing machine rocker arm is used to adjust the size of the inner hole. When the rocker arm is pressed, the rocker arm can control the rocker arm to swing freely.

4 : Electronic control part: One switch controls the cycloidal pinwheel reducer to make the workpiece rotate the workpiece . One switch controls the reducer to make the chain drive the rocker arm and the spindle to automatically lift up and down. The other switch controls the spindle to rotate for polishing or sanding .