Hand polishing machine

Hand polishing machine

Product Details

The main accessory of the polisher is the polishing disc. The handle polishing machine polishing disc is mounted on the polishing machine and works together with the abrasive or polishing agent to complete the grinding/polishing operation.

The connection between the polishing disc and the polishing machine can be divided into the following three types: bolt plate: suitable for polishing machine with bolt joint. Nut plate: Suitable for polishing machines with nut joints. Suction cup: Suitable for polishing machines with suction cups. That is, the head of the polishing machine is fixed with a rigid plastic polyester chassis (also called a tray), and the working surface of the chassis can be attached to an object with a nylon easy-to-stick plane, so that various suction cups can be selected according to the needs. Polishing plate, just put this polishing plate on the chassis, it is very convenient to use.