Curved sanding machine--fine grinding without leaving a dead angle
- 2018-10-18-

Curved sanding machine--fine grinding without leaving a dead angle

Sanding and sanding are the same meanings. They refer to the physical removal of materials, such as uneven cloth, uneven thickness, and non-compliance with the process requirements, such as abrasive cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, and non-woven polishing wheel. , to make it more smooth and flat, uniform thickness, a method to achieve the standard, applied to various veneer production, standard structural parts production, toy crafts and other industries, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall panel building materials industry and many more.

Main structural features:

1. The disc drives the two sets of belts to rotate.

2. The two sets of sanding belts sand the surface of the workpiece around the center of the turntable.

Scope of application:

For the straight pipe with diameter less than 24mm, the surface of the curved tube (R50mm), conical tube, elliptical flat tube and other tubes. This machine is suitable for sanding of straight pipe, curved round pipe (R50mm) and conical pipe with diameter of 12-25mm. The intermediate space of U-shaped workpiece is more than 110mm.

Sander function:

1. The sanding machine is independently developed, simple and practical, and is mainly used for grinding the blank and primer of wooden door panels.
2. The sanding roller is a strip-shaped twill roller and a straight sanding roller with fine grinding effect and long service life.
3, the combination of sand roller and sand disc can finely polish the sheet without leaving a dead angle
4. When the sand disc rotates, it can swing left and right, and the groove of the plate is polished and polished without leaving a dead angle.
5, can change the material of the roller according to customer's process requirements
6, the sandpaper label has the thickness optional, the coarse sand can be used for the initial grinding of the door panel, the fine sand is perfect for the door panel.
7, according to customer needs, the number of sanding discs, sanding rolls