Various inner hole polishing machine device manufacturing method
- 2018-08-27-

The polishing machine skillfully applies super strong electromagnetic force to reach the magical magnetic field force and conducts fine grinding

Stainless steel needle (can be used for 3-5 years), produces high-speed jump flow, turn head and other actions, in the workpiece hole, dead angle,

The surface of the nip is rubbed, and the precision grinding effect such as polishing, cleaning and burr removal is efficiently achieved at one time.

[Characteristics of magnetic grinding machine]:

1. Finished parts of light iron, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics, etc., removing burrs, chamfers, burrs, polishing,

Cleaning and other precision grinding work is completed once

2. Irregular parts, inner holes, holes, tubes, dead corners, crevices, etc. can be ground

3. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost

4. The finished product is not deformed after processing, and does not affect the accuracy.

5. The machine is complete, and can be designed for special models.

[Magnetic polishing machine use]:

1. Remove the rough grinding

2. Removal of oxide film work

3. Polished surface finish

4. Corrosion removal treatment

5. Sintering black trace treatment

6. Polishing and polishing work

[suitable for industry products]:

1. Precision stamping parts

2. Stainless steel parts, screws.

3. Magnesium aluminum die casting parts

4. Zinc aluminum die casting parts

5. Precision spring, shrapnel parts

6. Electronics, computers, communication parts

7. Take the heart, take the knife, CNC automatic lathe parts

8. Aerospace accessories, medical parts

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