Bending tube polishing machine overview and requirements
- 2018-08-27-

Jiangmen Pengjiang Weisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in the operation and sales of curved sanding machines. It integrates R&D, production, sales and service.

The product has a wide range of applications and has a certain market in the field of grinding and polishing power tools, and has been well received by many users. Strict quality process control, to ensure the contract delivery cycle, has created a good reputation and reputation, and has a reputation for excellent technology and good service.

1. The machine without effective protection measures can not use 2 sanding, it will produce a lot of dust, wear masks to use 3. Sanding equipment should be installed in dry, ventilated, no direct light. 4. Sanding machine is running. Sand discs, grinding wheels, abrasive belts and polishing wheels are always subject to cracking and bursting. When operating, they must wear glasses, helmet masks and other protective equipment. 5. When the machine is running, the hands and feet are strictly prohibited from touching the abrasive belt, grinding wheel and grinding. Head, polishing wheel, etc. 6. When the belt sanding is found, the belt should be adjusted in time. 7. Wheel sanding must confirm the exact running direction of the grinding wheel and lock the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out.

The company's product quality is stable, the supply of goods is substantial, the price is reasonable and the delivery is timely. If you order Weisheng Machinery's curved sanding machine, the company will deliver the goods within the time agreed by both parties, your payment can be paid online; cash payment; bank transfer to pay. Our company solemnly promises to you: to ensure the good product quality, to allow users to accept the price of the people, the satisfaction of the after-sales service, to thank the new and old customers.

Weisheng Machinery strengthens the sense of competition and creates team spirit. Adopting the production-oriented business model has achieved outstanding results in the grinding and polishing power tool industry, creating a business miracle in the same industry, which of course stems from the company's unremitting pursuit of product quality, and strives to have quality and surface sanding, The curved sanding machine for wire drawing is dedicated to the masses of customers.

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