Different classifications of round tube polishing machines
- 2018-08-27-

The main accessory for the polisher is the polishing disc. When the polishing disc is mounted on the polishing machine, it works in conjunction with the abrasive or polishing agent to complete the grinding/polishing operation.

Polishing disc classification

There are three types of connection between the polishing disc and the polishing machine:

Bolt plate: For polishing machines with bolted joints.

Nut plate: Suitable for polishing machines with nut joints.

Suction cup: Suitable for polishing machines with suction cups. That is, the head of the polishing machine is fixed with a rigid plastic polyester chassis (also called a tray), and the working surface of the chassis can be attached to an object with a nylon easy-to-stick plane, so that various suction cups can be selected according to the needs. The polishing tube of the round tube polishing machine can be simply attached to the chassis and is extremely convenient to use.

Polishing discs by material classification

Wool polishing disc: The wool polishing disc is a traditional cutting material, which has strong grinding ability and high efficiency, and will leave a swirl after grinding. Generally used for the grinding and polishing of common lacquers, be cautious when used in clear lacquers. Generally divided into white and yellow, the bottom of the polishing disc is automatically pasted to achieve a fast conversion of the polishing disc. Generally, the white wool polishing disc has strong cutting force, can remove the paint surface seriously, and can be used to quickly remove the orange peel or modify the grinding marks with the coarse wax polishing; the yellow wool polishing disc has a weaker cutting force than the white wool polishing disc, generally with fine wax. Polished lacquer finish to remove rough wax marks and minor scratches on the lacquer finish. Maintenance instructions: Regularly clean the wool sleeve with a comb or air nozzle to remove wax. If the wool sleeve is blocked during operation, it should be removed, put on a clean wool sleeve and continue to be polished. The used wool sleeves should be dried at the same time. After drying, rinse them with a comb brush. Be sure to use warm water when flushing. Never use hot water, strong alkaline detergent or solvent. Use a washing machine for cleaning only with a soft stop. It is usually dried with air and not machine dried.