Talking about the use and maintenance of the disc machine
- 2018-08-27-

Use and maintenance of the disc machine:

1 First place the workpiece into the track.

2 Align the center of the workpiece with the center of the thousand-page wheel.

3 Lock the track so that the track is tilted at an angle (the larger the tilt angle, the greater the forward speed of the workpiece).

4 Start the guide wheel motor and move the grinding head onto the workpiece if the forward speed is appropriate.

5 If the thread shape indicates a faster advancement speed, the inclination angle of the rail may be appropriately made smaller.

6 When the rough is thrown, the speed of the guide roller can be lowered a little, and the speed of the guide roller is high at the time of fine throwing.

7 Always check for oil shortages in the gear unit.

8 Always check for murmurs or slight movements in the grinding head.

The working principle of the round tube rust polishing machine:

Grinding tools are made of grinding wheel (thousand impeller/polishing wheel), which adopts typical centerless cylindrical grinding technology. It works under the action of grinding wheel (thousand impeller/polishing wheel), driving guide wheel and pallet (or roller). Achieve cylindrical grinding and polishing. Change the material, particle size, hardness and hardness of the grinding wheel (thousand impeller/polishing wheel), and the contact method can achieve rough grinding, fine grinding or polishing. Multi-head linkage can double the processing efficiency. Main features of the machine: The introduction speed is adjustable, suitable for polishing of workpieces of different sizes and diameters.

Care instructions:

1. Appearance maintenance: polishing machine appearance and motor, the surface of the heat dissipating equipment must be kept clean, and the disc machine polishing consumable powder should be cleaned regularly. Check and tighten the handle, feed handwheel, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the machine in good condition.

2. Polishing machine inspection: Check the screws and belts of all parts of the polishing machine, the degree of tightness, and the looseness should be adjusted to the appropriate level. Check the wear level of each bearing if it is damaged, it should be replaced, and the lubricating oil is sufficient. The guide rails should be cleaned and no polishing consumable powder is allowed on the guide rails.