Handle polishing machine performance characteristics
- 2018-08-27-

Handle polishing machine performance characteristics:
1. Sanding. Polishing and running water production.
2. The polishing wheel can adjust the angle according to the product process requirements (180° rotation, up, down, left, right, forward, backward) to avoid the product's R angle treatment not in place.
3. The conveyor belt speed is adjustable and the direction of the workpiece shaft rotation can be adjusted.
4. Automatic waxing function.
5. Automatic cloth wheel loss compensation.
6. Automatic fault alarm.
7. Computer program control.
Applicable Products:
Bathroom accessories polishing, hardware accessories polishing, lock accessories polishing, door handle polishing, handle polishing, special-shaped polishing,
It can adjust the direction according to the shape of different products well, and it can handle the polishing of special-shaped parts well, solve the problem that the polishing is not in place, and the automation of the action in the polishing process of the handle polishing machine , especially for the flexibility of processing in the sanitary industry. Features, can achieve small batch and variety polishing.