Structural analysis of dome polishing machine
- 2018-08-27-

Established in 2003, Jiangmen Pengjiang Weisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the operation and sales of round-cover polishing machines . The product has a wide range of applications, and it has a certain market in the field of grinding and polishing power tools, and has won unanimous praise from many users. Strict quality process control to ensure the contract delivery cycle has so far established a good reputation and reputation.

WH-GT700 drum lid polishing machine, which is a medium and small plane polishing or sanding equipment for small and medium batches of round products, such as stainless steel bucket lids and iron bucket lids. It has the characteristics of reliable performance and high efficiency. This machine is suitable for inner and outer plane polishing or sanding of small and medium batch dome products. 1: Body part: used to support the polishing wheel set, fixture and main motor installation. 2: Part of the wheel set: the grinding wheel shaft is driven by the motor, the hemp wheel or the cloth wheel is installed at the shaft end, and the thousand impeller and the nylon wheel can also be installed. 3: Adjusting part: Shake the middle screw to adjust the upper and lower parts of the rocking arm of the polishing wheel set. When polishing, press the rocker arm handle to swing the grinding wheel set to the left and right to achieve the polishing effect.

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Weisheng Machinery has many professional and technical design talents. The barrel lid polishing machine has compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, safety and reliability, low noise and high production efficiency. The barrel lid polishing machine, together with the abrasive tools and the polishing liquid, constitutes a new polishing process, so that the products of many industries can achieve the desired polishing effect. We have gained a good reputation throughout the country. Welcome to consult.

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