Waxing method for automatic polishing machine that you don't know
- 2018-09-26-

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How do automatic polishers wax? Below our company to give you a brief introduction.

1, manual manual waxing: This is a more common waxing method, because the skill difficulty is relatively low, the general staff only need to teach it, and can also leave the automatic waxing and waxing purchase cost .

2, automatic waxing: This method of waxing is more common in large processing plants, using a pressure tank through the air pump kneading liquid to the spray gun nozzle spray mist out of the liquid, with dust-free, good adhesion, long-lasting grinding effect Etc. The defect is the need to add the purchase cost of pressure buckets, spray guns and accessories such as air pumps.

3, automatic waxing: this method is to install a horizontal moving rail above the equipment polishing wheel, the fixed structure of solid wax on the rail, mainly in the way of manual waxing, the distance of waxing can be according to technical requirements Set.

The above is the method of waxing the automatic polishing machine, I hope to help you.

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