Different types of external polishing machine
- 2018-11-09-

Different types of external polishing machines have different effects

How to improve polishing efficiency? It is a prerequisite to choose the right polishing machine. As we all know, different types of external polishing machines play different roles in actual work. The selection of the polishing machine can improve the efficiency and the quality of the product can be improved. Below we will introduce you to the different characteristics of different types of cylindrical polishing machines.

The outer circular tube polishing machine is made of the principle of non-center grinding. It consists of two major tissues: polishing and feeding. After adjusting the feed amount of the grinding head, it can perform large-volume grinding or precision grinding and polishing on the workpiece. After adjusting the guide wheel spacing It can process different standard workpieces. The machine is fed into the organization to select the stepless speed change device, which can change the feed speed of the workpiece to make the workpiece achieve the aspiration and polishing effect.

The workpiece holder is made of wear-resistant material and can be adjusted without frequent adjustment. When the workpiece specification is changed and adjusted, the machine adopts the structure of “one-way moving in two-way position”, which greatly simplifies the pallet adjustment work. The complete production line consists of three parts: polishing machine, feeding device and discharging device. There are various models such as standard type, automatic type, environmental protection type and economy type for users to choose.

When choosing the outer round polishing machine, it must be seen whether the welding of the fuselage is firm, whether the material is solid, the precision is high, the motor is the national standard, and the cost performance of the machine is the same.

1, the outer round polishing machine grinding class: generally used for processing less processing or special processing, using grinding machine, electric, pneumatic tools and other tools to achieve high-speed grinding results.

2, external polishing machine grinding class: mainly installed in the grinding wheel of the grinder and grinder, the surface grinding of the workpiece, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, internal grinding, etc. grinding, grinding, processing can be divided into rough grinding and fine mill.

3, the outer round polishing machine cutting class: the grinding wheel specially used for cutting, to achieve the effect of cutting and slotting.

4. External polishing machine polishing: It is specially used for processing with high surface finish (roughness).

External polishing machine range:

Suitable for electroplating, hardware, mold processing, gas spring rods, hydraulic fittings, copper tubes, aluminum tubes, stainless steel tubes, handicraft processing, steel and wood furniture, gas pipe, vehicle parts and other external polishing industry. The equipment can be used for various materials. Pipes and bars are polished, rusted, brushed, ground, non-oxidized, such as iron, copper-zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials for polishing and drawing.

Therefore, the user should select the polishing equipment according to his actual needs, so as to achieve better results.