How to solve the problem of wave when wood is used when using sander
- 2018-09-27-

How to solve the problem of wave when wood is used when using sander

When the wave pattern is heavy, you can see it directly from the team, the measured thickness, some data changes, and the processed plate can only be classified as a low-grade product. When the wave pattern is light, the intuition is almost nothing, but if it is viewed from the side, it can be seen. If it is experienced, it will be difficult for the customers to experience the past, and the quality of the sheet will be reduced. The reason for the wave pattern is very simple, that is, it is formed by the constant vibration of the sander during work. There are many reasons for the phenomenon of vibration. The improvement is:

1: Try to contact existing models and structures, equip with appropriate motors, and not easy to improve the processing speed and processing strength to facilitate the stability of the machine.

2: Frequent maintenance of sanding machine, timely conditioning, adjustment.

3: Try to use high quality bearings with small errors.

4: Try to buy the whole frame type sanding machine. Although the price is slightly more expensive, the quality of the produced board is relatively improved. Together, some of the transportation should also say that the roller conveyor has a smaller error.

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