Method for selecting polishing wheel by outer circle polishing machine
- 2018-10-17-

The external polishing machine is used to polish the workpiece. The polishing wheel used for different materials, different diameters and different hardnesses is different. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the method of polishing the workpieces with different materials and selecting the polishing wheel.

1. For the fine polishing of small workpieces, it is possible to choose a non-stitched fabric wheel. This polishing wheel is made of soft cotton cloth, which is suitable for polishing complex shapes. The stitching polishing wheel is made of coarse cloth or non-woven fabric, suitable for The surface of the workpiece with the coating is polished.

2, nylon wheel is made of nylon fiber mesh, mineral sand, bonding resin, this polishing wheel has the advantages of elastic grinding, cold cutting, anti-blocking. Compared with the grinding wheel of the same size, the nylon wheel has a finer, softer and brighter line. It has stronger cutting force than the cloth wheel and the hemp wheel, and is suitable for electroplating and mirror front processing.

3. The air-cooled cloth wheel is in the shape of a ring-shaped pleat, with a metal disc in the middle. This polishing wheel is suitable for polishing large workpieces.

4. Hemp wheel is also a kind of polishing wheel that is often used. It is suitable for surface polishing of aluminum products, electroplating products and stainless steel products.

There are more than four types of polishing wheels, and there are a variety of polishing wheels. When using the outer round polishing machine, the appropriate polishing wheel can be selected for the workpieces with different polishing materials, thereby improving the polishing quality and efficiency.

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