Wide application of pressure vessel polishing machine
- 2018-08-27-

  Wide application of pressure vessel polishing machine 
  Uses: polishing and polishing of inner and outer surfaces of tanks. Suitable for industries: chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, all kinds of stainless steel tanks, industrial tanks for internal and external polishing, cylinders, cylinders for internal and external polishing, pressure vessels, industrial containers for internal and external polishing 1. Working arm The telescopic adopts the worm-worm wheel drive and the rack and pinion walking method with high precision and good stability. 
The speed adjustment is realized by the frequency converter, and has the advantages of smooth transmission and large shift range;
2. The working arm is lifted and telescoped. The limit position is equipped with limit switches and mandatory limit to ensure safe operation of the equipment. 3. Grinding with abrasive belt, high efficiency, low noise and less dust. Equipped with mechanical and electronic control mode, the beam and column are automatically displaced according to the programming, the workpiece is automatically rotated, and the pressure vessel polishing machine can be continuously and automatically polished to meet various needs such as mass production and single-piece multi-variety processing. 4. The lifting and lowering of the working arm adopts the turbine-worm reducer and the sprocket, and the chain mechanism drives. Through the use of the counterweight, the lifting operation is stable, the vibration is small, and the mechanical wear is not easy. Since the reducer has a certain self-locking property, and the lift motor uses a brake motor, the work arm can be stopped and locked by lifting it to any position.