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Research and development of faucet polishing machine
- 2018-08-27-

Our company will solve all problems for grinding and polishing power tools for you. Over the years, our company knows that if we want to not be eliminated, we only have to run in front. Therefore, we have been working on the research and development of faucet polishing machine . After unremitting efforts, we have been effective and have been recognized by many users. The quality and quality of the products are all remarkable. The faucet wire drawing and polishing machine supplied has the domestic production standard and the quality is reliable.

WH-S140X faucet sanding machine Dimensions: 600×600×1200mm Equipment weight: 180kg Motor power: Motor 1.1kw or 1.5KW (special requirements) Applicable consumables: Belt nylon belt polishing belt Consumables Specifications: Abrasive belt: Length: 650mm Width: 25mm Nylon belt: Length: 650mm Width: 25mm Scope of application: Suitable for sanding of straight tubes, curved round tubes (R50mm) and conical tubes with a diameter of 12-40mm. The intermediate space of U-shaped workpieces is more than 160mm. Mainly used for drawing of the tap water outlet pipe. The utility model is characterized in that: a large turntable drives two sets of abrasive belts to rotate, the workpiece passes through the center of the turntable, and the abrasive belt is sanded and drawn on the surface of the workpiece.

Weisheng Machinery has established a “five high” standard with high starting point, high target, high quality, high efficiency and benefit, forging good quality products and obtaining a broad sales market. The faucet wire drawing and polishing machine is mainly used as a plastic machine, which is favored by many enterprises in the whole country.

“Building high-quality brands in the industry to meet the professional needs of customers”, our company's faucet wire drawing and polishing machine supports online payment; cash payment; bank transfer payment method, once you pay, we will deliver the goods at the time of negotiation (freight) : Negotiation between buyers and sellers). The company has advanced product testing equipment and scientific enterprise management methods, fine manufacturing processes and high-tech talents to ensure. The faucet wire drawing and polishing machine is popular in the domestic grinding and polishing power tool market.

Our company adheres to scientific development, strengthens independent innovation, and enhances core competitiveness. The faucet wire drawing and polishing machine has excellent material production and reasonable price. The company has a good service attitude and excellent cooperation reputation. Jiangmen Pengjiang Weisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. implements independent innovation strategy and builds an innovative enterprise. Welcome customers to visit and cooperate with us for a grand exhibition.

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