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An important prerequisite for using a polishing machine is a safe working environment.
- 2018-11-16-

An important prerequisite for using a polishing machine is a safe working environment.

When using the polishing machine, in addition to the specific operation matters and the professionalism of the staff, a safe and reliable working environment is also essential to ensure the safety of the workplace can better avoid accidents and improve the use. The safety of the polishing machine , then Weisheng Machinery specifically talked about the main impact of the environment on the use of polishing machine.

First, you need to check whether the line is normal before the work, and whether the equipment is neat, the wire can not be randomly placed;

Second, the equipment work site needs to be reasonable, and it can no longer work within the azimuth;

Third, when using the polishing machine, the hands must be kept dry, and the gloves are worn. It is not possible to touch the equipment with water or oily hands to prevent electric shock;

Fourth, use equipment to check the grinding block for defects and looseness before polishing;

5. When the equipment fails, it cannot be dismantled without authorization. It needs professional personnel to carry out;

6. If the protective cover of the equipment is damaged, it can no longer be polished;

7. The power cord of the equipment shall not be changed without authorization, and the power cord shall not exceed 5 meters;

As long as the industry of electrical equipment is a safety hazard, how should the polishing machine industry avoid safety accidents?

1. Ventilation and dust removal systems must be installed and used. Check the dust regularly within the normal range every day. If the standard exceeds the standard, it is necessary to stop production and evacuate immediately;

2. If a square tube polishing machine is used, it must be equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof facilities for the production, collection and storage of metal dust such as aluminum and magnesium;

Third, the factory must be equipped with lightning protection, anti-static and explosion-proof electrical equipment, and the staff must wear dust-proof, anti-static measures to get on the job;

Fourth, the polishing machine manufacturers must meet the standards in the workplace, it is strictly forbidden to have illegal multi-storey houses, and must have a safe distance from the residential building;

Manufacturers should clearly understand that if the workplace is not safe, it is not responsible for the employees, so in any case, we must put safety first, I hope this article can help you.