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What role does the reducer play in the sander?
- 2018-09-19-

The reducer is an important part of the sander. It is actually used to reduce the speed. It is a kind of transmission device that is closed in the box. It is composed of gears or worm gears. It can be used to change the speed between the two shafts. Torque is widely used in engineering. The reducer is mainly composed of a casing, a gear, a shaft, a bearing, and the like.

The housing of the reducer is mostly unsplit integrated, which makes it easy to ensure the machining accuracy, but the installation is more difficult.

Rolling bearings are generally used in the reducer of the sander equipment, and the bearing gap of the bearing is conditioned by the bearing cap with the gasket. In order to facilitate the viewing of the meshing of the gears and the writing of smooth oil into the casing, a sight hole is opened in the tank cover, and the sight hole is covered by the sight glass cover. A venting plug is often placed on the sight glass cover, and when the air in the tank expands due to an increase in temperature, it can be discharged.

The smoothness of the reducer is an important condition for ensuring the normal operation of the reducer. It cuts the conflict and wear on the touch surfaces of gears and bearings, while also dissipating heat, rust and noise.

The usual smoothing method for the gearbox gear is to dip the gear in the oil pool, so that the smooth oil is brought to the meshing surface for smoothness. In order to avoid excessive power loss during the agitation, the depth of the gear immersed in the oil pool should not be too deep. Generally immersed in 1-2 tooth heights. The top of the low-speed gear should not be less than 30-50mm at the bottom of the box to avoid the oil mud on the bottom of the tank being brought to the tooth surface.

When the gear speed is high, the smooth oil on the ring gear is thrown onto the wall of the tank, and the oil mist is formed by the splash, and the bearing can be directly smoothed by the oil mist. When the gear speed is low, the oil sucked onto the tank cover can be collected by the oil groove opened on the tank seat and then flow into the bearing to be smooth.

When the circumferential speed of the gear is too high, it is necessary to select the injection circulation to be smooth, that is, the smooth oil is smoothed by the oil pump through the oil pipe to the demanding smooth place. If the gear speed is very low, smooth grease can be used to smooth the bearing. In order to see if the smooth oil in the box is appropriate, the oil mark should be installed. An oil drain hole and a oil plug are also arranged adjacent to the bottom of the tank.