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Where is Jiangmen's professional flat polishing machine?
- 2018-08-27-

Since the establishment of 2003-03-12, our company has been committed to building its own brand. Continuous innovation in the grinding and polishing power tool industry, the integration of advanced technology, innovative ideas, the production of high-quality flat polishing machine . The flat sander is sold well throughout the country and has gained a wide and stable product market.

WH-S25A plane sander, this machine is suitable for surface sanding of aluminum, iron, stainless steel and other workpieces. It has the advantages of stable mechanical properties, safe and practical, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Main structure: 1: Body part: used to support the wheel set, work table, protective cover and main motor installation. 2: Wheel part: The aluminum wheel is driven by the motor to make the belt move in a circular motion, the driven wheel supports the belt, and the tensioning wheel is used for tensioning and replacing the belt. 3: Shield part: prevent the belt from breaking or flying out. 4: Workbench part: Install the workpiece to sand the belt. According to the height of the workpiece, the switch is automatically adjusted to the appropriate height by the lifting motor. 5: Hand-held platen: It is mainly used to press the belt to the workpiece to make the belt and the surface of the workpiece even.

Weisheng Machinery has high-quality technical staff and a strong sales team. Based on the comprehensive strength of the company, establish a modern high-efficiency mechanism, continuously strengthen enterprise management, improve operational efficiency, produce flat sanding machine, product quality assurance, durable, and have the purpose of mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Our company has established the service principle of "quality service is life, enterprise satisfaction is the purpose", and it has been recognized and praised by the majority of individuals and enterprises throughout the country.

The company's main business direction is sales, dare to try new methods, use wholesale in the scope of sales; retail; direct sales, to provide plane sanding machines for individuals and enterprises across the country. If you choose our products, we will deliver the goods by land, water, and air based on the position of “urgent users, and users want to think”. Please be patient and follow up the logistics information of the products.

Our company adheres to scientific development, strengthens independent innovation, and enhances core competitiveness. The flat sanding machine has excellent materials and reasonable prices. The company has a good service attitude and excellent cooperation reputation. Jiangmen Pengjiang Weisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. implements independent innovation strategy and builds an innovative enterprise. Welcome customers to visit and cooperate with us for a grand exhibition.

Where is Jiangmen's professional flat sander? Sander