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Daily use precautions for sanding machines
- 2018-10-23-

1. The precision of each component of Weishi Sanding Machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is not allowed to disassemble and replace the parts in Weisheng Shaped Sander at will, so as not to affect the working precision and accident.

2. Do not disassemble, replace, increase or decrease parts on high-speed rotating parts, such as sanding rolls, guide rolls, and tension rolls. If you want to replace the bearing, you need to re-balance.

3. After using a period of time (the length of time depends on the working conditions), the pressure applied to the surface of the plate by the transport rollers is no longer common due to the irregular wear of the transport rollers, and the artificial panels are formed to yaw or slip inside the sander. If the rubber layer covered on the surface of the conveying roller is damaged or partially damaged, it needs to be corrected in time.

4. After using a period of time (the length of time depends on the working conditions), the sand roller will wear out fiercely (cavity or concave and concave), and should be corrected in time, otherwise the degree of unevenness will be aggravated, affecting the service life of the roller and the quality of the sanding plate.

5. Pay attention to the dust removal of Weisheng special-shaped sanding machine. The quality of the dust removal system directly affects the sanding quality of the board surface and the service life of the sanding roller.

6. When replacing the wool felt and graphite belt, pull out the sanding pad and place the wool felt in the middle groove of the sanding pad body first. Note that the wool felt needs to be placed flat, not wrinkled, and then covered with a graphite tape, and the graphite tape is folded or clamped on both sides.

7. The main drive brake section should check the brake mechanism coupling bolt and friction plate wear condition, if necessary, tighten the bolt and replace the friction plate.

8. Do not open or connect each branch breaker when the main power is on.

9. Do not lean on the rotating parts of the motor or the working device to prevent the rotating parts from being scratched or burnt due to not completely cooling.

10. Weisheng shaped sander maintenance needs to open the upper and lower racks: For the hydraulic lifting sander, it is necessary to set up safety support; for the mechanical lifting sander, use the touch screen to open the upper frame to the specified height, and the touch screen exits the login. To prevent misuse.

4) When removing the roller (including the conveying roller, the touch roller, the tension roller, the guiding roller) from the device, avoid damage to other rollers around the roller or impact the carrier roller plate; the usual practice is to place a piece between the upper and lower frames. The particle board is protected to prevent the roller from falling and damaging the roll surface.

5) For non-emergency situations, do not use the stop button to avoid damage to the equipment.

In the process of sanding the sheet, because the belt wear is a dynamic process of mutation, it is necessary to carry out static and fine adjustment of the Weisheng shaped sander, so that the thickness precision and surface quality of the workpiece are in a regular change process. Therefore, it is necessary to find a good combination point for the belt consumption, board quality and cost control of the wood-based panel factory.

In addition, the wear of Weisheng Shaped Sander is related to the material of the sand board, the thickness of the board, the personal operation habits of the operators, the quality of the vacuum, etc., but only carefully follow the above instructions, carefully adjust and maintain. Sanding machine, you can use the Weisheng shaped sander to a greater extent.