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Mechanism and use of flat polishing machine
- 2018-10-30-

In life, the plane polishing machine is a common mechanical equipment, which is to carry out ultra-precision machining of flat workpieces, remove some scratches, spots and sag of the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece is bright and smooth, and the mirror effect even reaches a certain A machine with precise rough excess values. So what is the mechanism and use of the plane polishing?

Polishing mechanism of plane polishing machine

The mechanism of the plane polishing machine should be three kinds of combination, because the theory of chemical action, mechanical grinding and surface flow in the plane polishing machine during the working process.

A: The theory of chemical action

The plane polishing machine mainly refers to a kind of equipment for processing plane workpieces, which can effectively remove the defects such as scratches and spots on the surface of the workpiece and meet the requirements for use. The flat polisher can be used in many places and can be used in different industries and different materials to make the surface of the workpiece of various materials smoother and more beautiful. During the polishing process, the surface of the workpiece, the polishing agent, the polishing mold and the water may undergo complicated chemical processes; for example, a hydrolysis process occurs on the surface of the optical glass, or a chemical corrosion process occurs in the hard and brittle material.

Two: mechanical grinding theory

Polishing is the work after grinding, and the two are essentially irrelevant. It is the result of fine cutting of the surface of the workpiece by sharp abrasive particles. However, the abrasive for polishing is a finer polishing agent for the ground abrasive particles, and the minute cutting can be performed within the molecular size range. The polishing mold is equivalent to the surface of the workpiece, and the tangential force during polishing is large, so that the micro-cracked structure of the surface of the workpiece is ground and cut, and a smooth surface of the workpiece is formed.

Use of flat polishing machine

The flat polishing machine is widely used for flat polishing of different industries and different materials, and the surface of various materials is polished to achieve a certain degree of flatness, parallelism and smoothness, and more beautiful. It is suitable for the grinding and polishing of metal planes (and non-metallic materials) and surface treatment before plating. It can be equipped with grinding wheels, hemp wheels, cloth wheels, wind wheels, nylon wheels, fiber wheels, thousand impellers and belt pulleys; it can be sanded or mirrored, or it can be drawn.

One: applicable industry examples

Aerospace industry, LED industry, optical glass industry, precision hardware industry, communication equipment industry, jewelry industry, steel industry, electronics industry, mobile phone industry, ceramic industry, plastic mold industry, etc.

Two: applicable material examples

Stainless steel, tungsten steel, aluminum, alloy and other metal products; optical glass, silicon wafer, light guide plate, acrylic, sapphire substrate, sapphire epitaxial wafer, plastic and other non-metallic products.